REG Code A / LY3

The Large Commercial Yacht Code – LY3 & Passenger Yacht Code

You can read the LY3 here – The Large Commercial Yacht Code 2019

The REG Code is in two parts with common annexes.

  • Part A relates to the Large Yacht Code.
  • Part B relates to the Passenger Yacht Code.

Part A. Applicable to yachts which are 24 metres and over in loadline length, are in commercial use for sport or pleasure, do not carry cargo and do not carry more than 12 passengers.

Part B. Applicable to pleasure yachts of any size, in private use or engaged in trade, which carry more than 12 passengers but not more than 36 passengers and which do not carry cargo.

Commercial yachts of less than 24 metres must comply with the Small Commercial Vessel Code (MGN 280).

A private yacht which does not comply with the code is not committing a criminal offence, but a might be seen as a breach of the civil law duty of care.