Dangerous Goods categories IMDG

Class 1 Explosives  

Class 2 Gases

Class 2.1 Flammable gases

Class 2.2 Non-flammable, non-toxic gases

Class 2.3 Toxic gases 

Class 3 Flammable Liquids 

Class 4 Flammable solids; substances liable to spontaneous combustion; substances which, in contact with water emit flammable gasses

Class 4.1 Flammable solids

Class 4.2 Substances liable to spontaneous combustion 

Class 4.3 Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases 

Class 5 Oxidising substances and organic peroxides

Class 5.1 Oxidizing substances

Class 5.2 Organic peroxides

Class 6 Toxic and infectious substances 

Class 6.1 Toxic substances

Class 6.2  Infectious substances 

Class 7 Radioactive material

Class 8 Corrosive Substances

Class 9 Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles 

IMO approved labels for IMDG