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5.0 rating
26th October 2019

I saw Tony for some sessions while studying for my Master 3000 Oral prep and found his sessions extremely beneficial in preparing for my exam. I highly recommend Tony for anyone studying for their Orals if they are in Palma. He also offers Skype sessions which we did a couple of times. Tony is very thorough and gives you very good feedback and direction in all topics of the Syllabus. My sessions with Tony along with the other tutors I saw in Southampton were a critical factor in gaining the result I hoped for.

Casey Scott

GSK One to One

5.0 rating
15th October 2019

In April I had 4 hours one to one with Tony regarding GSK OOW 3000gt to help me get completely on top of what I had to know and how to answer certain exam questions. He also help me on Stability as I was struggling to put down on to paper what I wanted to explain in a way how the examiner wanted it.
With his help I passed the exam, Great teacher highly recommend.

Chevy Reed

Fantastic prep course

5.0 rating
27th September 2019

Completed 2 days of Skype interviews and then 4 days of 3 hour intensives with Tony before my oral exam. Tony was great and gave me all the tools I needed to pass the exam. He is a good instructor who has such a wealth of knowledge behind him to share. All my tuition was 1 on 1 and he tailored the course to fit me giving me the best chance. Would recommend anyone who needs help to get through their oral exam to give Tony a call.

Lawrence Caridia

OOW 3000gt oral prep

5.0 rating
16th June 2019

I joined Tony in Halifax to get my oral prep underway. After having done OOW GSK and OOW NAV AND RADAR with him, I thought Tony is an excellent teacher and we got along great.
The level of teaching is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. The depth of knowledge and understanding Tony brings to the table is second to none. He teaches you to understand concepts and rules instead of just book learning. This worked great for me and also during my OOW Orals as I managed to pass in 40 minutes.
I would highly recommend Tony to anyone looking to do their oral prep course as he is extremely capable and his pass rate speaks for itself. I will definitely be back to do my masters prep with him!

Francois Du Toit

OOW 3000 Oral prep

5.0 rating
16th November 2018

I had Tony as a sit-in instructor for Nav/Radar a year ago at Bluewater. I reached out to him after failing my first oral exam. I did 6 days of prep with Tony right before I sat my oral and I was well-prepared. I not only fine tuned my ability to answer questions, I learned a lot that had been left out in prior prep’s I have taken. I would HIGHLY recommend taking a prep with him. Hes a stand up guy and tells it how it is. Also he helped me book my accommodation (Fleece inn/ food was great and perfect study environment.) It was a short walk to his home in which he offered to give me a ride but I used it each morning to practice my speaking. If you are at this stage looking for prep you know your stuff and Tony will help get it out of you!