MARPOL Annex VI & EU Sulphur

Availability – Under the provisions of MARPOL VI, Regulation 14, the availability of fuel oil to meet the global 0.5% sulphur limit in 2020 or 2025 is to be determined by the IMO Steering Committee in 2018.

The demand for compliant fuel oil is to be determined based on bottom-up modeling (fuel consumption and emissions from individual ship movements) and the supply of compliant fuel oil will include geographical fuel availability based on current and projected refinery capacity.

This is additional to the requirement for a Marine Fuel Sulphur Record Book to be used in EU special area from 1st January 2015. This is a requirement of The European Community’s ‘Sulphur Content of Fuel Directive 1999/32/EC & 2005/33/EC.

PLEASE SEE FURTHER READING BELOW (Not needed for examination) European Shipowners assessment LSF

MSN 1819 Motor Fuel Regulations 2014 (Needed for examination) This also shows the content of the Sulphur Record Book and the SECA sea areas are defined.

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