What are MIN, MGN, MSN

Legal Structure


Marine information notes (MINs) tend to give information that’s valid for a short period of time, such as timetables for MCA exams relevant to a small group of people, such as training establishments or equipment manufacturers.

EXAMPLE MIN 442 Training for ECDIS as primary means of navigation

MIN have a limited life, the expiry date is shown in the notice.


Marine Guidance Notes give advice on how to comply with MSN or other safety advice.

EXAMPLE MGN 315 Keeping a safe navigational watch on merchant vessels

MGN remain in force until replaced.


MSNs contain the technical detail of regulations called ‘statutory instruments’ (SIs). This is mandatory information, and must be complied with under UK legislation.

EXAMPLE MSN 1802 Certificates of competency: yacht deck officers training and certification guidance – part A7

MSN remain in force until repealed.

The letter suffix after the M-notice number tells you if it relates to merchant ships and/or fishing vessels:

  • (M) for merchant ship
  • (F) for fishing vessels
  • (M+F) for both merchant ships and fishing vessels