Seafarer working and living rights

Please read the Seafarer working and living rights.

MSN 1877 (M) Amendment 1 of March 2018 gives Masters additional information on the application of MLC

The Regulations:

  • apply to all seafarers, including masters, employed, engaged or working in any capacity on board a seagoing ship, and whose normal place of work is on a ship;
  • do not apply to seafarers on fishing vessels, pleasure vessels, warships or naval auxiliaries, or vessels which are not ordinarily engaged in commercial activities; or seafarers subject to the Merchant Shipping (Working Time: Inland Waterways)Regulations 2003;
  • provide for a minimum of 77 hours of rest in any 7-day period and 10 hours rest in any24-hour period;
  • require a schedule of hours of rest to be posted up on board the ship (Annex A);
  • require records of hours of rest to be maintained (Annex B);
  • provide for employed seafarers (as defined) 2.5 days of paid annual leave per month of employment, and an additional 8 days of paid leave per year in respect of public holidays (both pro-rated for shorter periods);
  • give employed seafarers (as defined) the right to take a case regarding their entitlements to paid leave to an employment tribunal;
  • require shipowners to grant shore leave to benefit seafarers’ health and well-being, where compatible with their operational duties (not applicable to ships of traditional build);
  • provide for inspection and enforcement by the MCA.