When to Call the Master

The officer in charge of the navigational watch shall notify the master immediately:

  1. if restricted visibility is encountered or expected;
  2. if the traffic conditions or the movements of other ships are causing concern;
  3. if difficulty is experienced in maintaining course;
  4. on failure to sight land, a navigation mark or to obtain soundings by the expected time;
  5. if, unexpectedly, land or a navigation mark is sighted or a change in soundings occurs;
  6. on breakdown of the engines, propulsion machinery remote control, steering gear or any essential navigational equipment, alarm or indicator;
  7. if the radio equipment malfunctions;
  8. in heavy weather, if in any doubt about the possibility of weather damage;
  9. if the ship meets any hazard to navigation, such as ice or a derelict; and
  10. in any other emergency or if in any doubt.