Current MGN

MGN 20 HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK REGULATIONS 1997 Risk assessment and health surveillance – the annexes contain advice on those two duties.
MGN 33 Sewage systems on ships: maintenance
MGN 34 Lifeboat and emergency engines Selecting fuel and lubricating oils
MGN 35 Power operated watertight doors Outlines accidents
MGN 38 Legionella Bacteria in ships a/c systems Risk of Legionnaires Disease
MGN 70 Stowaway cases adequate searches
MGN 71 Musters, drills, on-board training
MGN 77 Instructions for Action in Survival Craft
MGN 81 Ballast water Minimize the Transfer of Harmful Aquatic Organisms and Pathogens
MGN 86 safe use of pesticides in ships
MGN 88 Employment of young persons regs Regulations for the occupational health and safety of young workers at work
MGN 134 Issue of Discharge Books to UK Seafarers Changes to Catergories of Eligible Seafarers
MGN 137 Look-out During Periods of Darkness and Restricted Visibility Officer not to be sole lookout OOW
MGN 147 Training in First Aid and Medical Care
MGN 149 Approval of Crew Agreements (yachts) Highlighted in MCA guide to UK flag for yacht masters Master
MGN 156 Certificates of competency or Marine Engine Operator Licences As applied to yachts
MGN 161 Hi Line technique – Helicopter rescue
MGN 175 H & S executive health and safety legislation to be enforced effectively by MCA surveyors.
MGN 176 LSA MCA may modify regulations to suit ship type
MGN 178 Wheelmarked equipment Reporting faults
MGN 191 Use of Halon for Fire Extinguishing on Board Ships Phasing out of Halon
MGN 193 The Effects of Alcohol or Drugs on Survival at Sea
MGN 199 Dangers of interaction OOW
MGN 211 Fatigue Responsibility for ensuring that masters and crews are adequately rested to perform their duties safely
MGN 217 In-Water Surveys
MGN 219 Medical fitness UK medical fitness certificate for all seafarers aged 18 or over, will be 2 years
MGN 221 Certificates Of Equivalent Competency
MGN 225 Radio Medical Advice For Ships At Sea
MGN 231 Shipboard Pollution Emergency Plans
MGN 254 Guidance to Users of Inflatable Lifejackets regular inspections of inflatable lifejackets and correct procedures
MGN 258 Decommissioning of halon as a fire-extinguishing medium
MGN 264 Medical Fitness Requirements Coded vessels ENG1 and ML5 for vl 60miles from shore
MGN 270 Yacht Rating Certificate
MGN 276 Portable fire extinguishers
MGN 280 Small Vessels in Commercial Use LSA and Construction standards on Coded vessels
MGN 285 Electronic Charts – Risk Assessment Methodology in RCD Mode Electronic Charts – The Use of Risk Assessment Methodology When Operating ECDIS using Raster Charts OOW
MGN 293 Arrangements for Meeting Paper Chart Carriage Requirements Vessels 15-24m allowed to use leisure charts OOW
MGN 294 Use of GMDSS equipment in general communications Encourages its use OOW
MGN 296 Medication at Sea Drug types where side effects might be expected to impair performance
MGN 297 The Carriage Of Defibrillators On Ships Risk assessment
MGN 299 Inappropriate Use Of Mobile Phone Creates red area where phones may not be used OOW
MGN 301 Manoeuvring Information on Board Ships OOW
MGN 304 Shore to Ship communications during a distress OOW
MGN 305 Inmarsat and maritime safety Ships with barred earth stations may be subject to enforcement action by the MCA
MGN 308 Mooring, towing and hauling equipment Maintenance and snap back zones
MGN 315 Keeping a Safe Navigational Watch on Merchant Vessels OOW
MGN 316 Re-application of paints etc to interior surfaces A “Do’s and Dont’s” Annex
MGN 319 Electronic Chart Plotting Systems for coded vessels up to 24m OOW
MGN 325 Helicopter assistance at sea
MGN 331 Provision and Use of Work Equipment
MGN 332 Provision and Use of Lifting Equipment
MGN 337 Safe Means of Access Risk assessment OOW
MGN 343 Hydrostatic Release Units (HRU) Stowage and Float Free Arrangements for Inflatable Liferafts OOW
MGN 345 Alternative Compliance Scheme Classification societies allowed to do most surveys
MGN 347 Vessels where Certificates State Passenger limit Assumes 75kg pp.
MGN 349 Carriage and Use of Radar Reflectors on Small Vessels Vessels under 150gt
MGN 351 Leadership Qualities for Effective Safety Management
MGN 352 Control of Noise at Work Risk assessment required arising from exposure to noise
MGN 353 Control of Vibration at Work Risk assessment required arising from exposure to vibration
MGN 354 Small Vessels-Safe Operation of Fixed CO2 Fire Extinguishing
MGN 355 Inspection of fixed dry powder FF system
MGN 356 Health and Safety at Work, Carcinogens and Mutagens Protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens and mutagens
MGN 357 Night-time lookout – Photochromic Lenses and Dark Adaptation OOW
MGN 360 Navigation: Implementation of Changes to Routeing Measures ECDIS technical problem of updates in early models
MGN 362 Servicing LSA equipment
MGN 363 Ballast water standards Vessels with tanks more than 1500m3
MGN 364 Navigation: Traffic Separation Schemes – Application of Rule 10 and Navigation in the Dover Strait OOW
MGN 365 Human Element Assessment Tool
MGN 369 Navigation: Navigation In Restricted Visibility OOW
MGN 371 Offshore Renewable Energy Installations Emergency response
MGN 372 Offshore Renewable Energy Installations Guidance to Mariners
MGN 375 Navigation: Maritime Safety Information OOW
MGN 378 HSE Noise and Vibration Regulations correct technical errors identified in the 2006 Regulations.
MGN 379 Navigation: Use of Electronic Navigation Aids
MGN 381 Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships
MGN 385 Prevention of Pollution by Sewage and Garbage from Ships
MGN 386 Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships
MGN 387 Port Waste Reception Facilities
MGN 389 Signage for Fixed Gas Fire-Extinguishing Systems
MGN 392 Radio Survey Service: Authorisation
MGN 393 Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), as Navigation Lights
MGN 395 Radio Log Book
MGN 396 Compatibility of Life-Saving Equipment Immersion suits
MGN 397 Provision of Food and Fresh Water
MGN 398 Anti-Fouling Systems
MGN 399 Anti-Malaria Medication (prophylaxis)
MGN 401 Navigation: Vessel Traffic Services OOW
MGN 402 Bunker liability insurance Merchant vessels over 1,000 GT
MGN 406c Use of Barbecues and Pig Roasts
MGN 408 Biological Agents
MGN 409 Chemical Agents
MGN 410 Work at Height
MGN 411 Training and Certification Requirements for the Crew Large Yachts
MGN 416 Survey of Small Commercial Vessels Operating in Foreign Waters
MGN 419 Disposal of Out of Date Pyrotechnics
MGN 422 Use of Equipment to Undertake Work Over the Side on Yachts OOW
MGN 423 Entry into Dangerous Spaces OOW
MGN 425 Seafarers sleeping on vessels with shore power
MGN 426 External Access to Means of Escape Safety v Security
MGN 428 Artificial Optical Radiation Retinal damage or skin cancer
MGN 429 Asbestos—Health Hazards and Precautions
MGN 432 Safety during Transfers of Persons to and from Ships
MGN 436 Whole Body Vibration Guidance on Mitigating Against the Effects of Shocks and Impacts on Small Vessels
MGN 437 Small Commercial Vessel Codes of Practice
MGN 438 Measures to Counter Piracy
MGN 441 LRIT 300gt and above
MGN 442 Training Crew Taking Part in Heli Ops on Large Commercial Yachts
MGN 448 STCW Medical Certification
MGN 451 Risk of Exposure to Radiation
MGN 452 Hazards of Arc Flash Associated with High and Low Voltage Equipment
MGN 453 FIRE PROTECTION – Fire Retardant Material Treatment Large Yachts
MGN 456 LY3 code OOW
MGN 458 Accident Reporting and Investigation OOW
MGN 460 New and Expectant Mothers
MGN 462 Energy Efficiency Design Index
MGN 464 Lifeboats & Rescue boats – Weight Increase from Water Ingress
MGN 456 AIS Annual Testing
MGN 487 Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 On-shore Complaints
MGN 492 H & S. Protecting those not employed by the ship owner Duty of care towards their workers and shore contractors
MGN 493 H & S. Asbestos
MGN 494 Media and Other Organisations Using Ships and Fishing Vessels
MGN 497 Chemicals in ships stores Risk assess

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