Certificates to be Carried

Certificates required on board vessels over 24m

Over 24m:

  • International Tonnage Certificate. Classification Society
  • International Load Line Certificate. Classification Society
  • Inclining Stability Test Certificate. MCA
  • Certificate of Compliance. MCA
  • Declaration on Anti-fouling System. Owner

Over 100t or 15 Persons

  • Garbage Management Plan, Operator

Over 300gt

  • Cargo Safety Radio Cert. Authorised person. ITU
  • Wrecks Convention Insurance Certificate
  • [Future application of polar code expected for pleasure yachts and ships operating in Arctic regions (note 2021)]

Over 400gt

  • IOPP Cert. Classification Society, MARPOL Annex 1
  • IAPP Cert. Classification Society, MARPOL Annex 6 (130kw)
  • Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), for new ships, and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) (Any unit above 130kw, this may be in the SMS)
  • ISPP Cert. Classification Society, MARPOL Annex 4
  • Anti-Fouling system Cert. Classification Society, AFS Convention
  • Garbage Record Book (15 persons)
  • Fuel Oil Changeover Procedure and Logbook (record of fuel changeover is only required if two grades of fuel are carried)

Over 500gt

  • Cargo Safety Construction Cert. Class & MCA
  • Cargo Safety Equipment Cert. MCA
  • Safe Manning Document MCA
  • Safety Management Cert. MCA
  • International Ship Security Cert. MCA
  • Maritime Labour Cert. MCA   (Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance)
  • Copy of: Document of Compliance MCA
  • [Polar code applies to vessels operating in the Arctic region]

Over 1000gt

  • Bunker Liability Insurance:  International Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims (LLMC Convention) 1976

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