Certificates to be Carried

Certificates required on board vessels over 24m COMMERCIAL

Over 24m:

  • International Tonnage Certificate. Classification Society
  • International Load Line Certificate. Classification Society
  • Inclining Stability Test Certificate. MCA
  • Certificate of Compliance. MCA [REG code]
  • Declaration on Anti-fouling System. Owner
  • [Pleasure vessels need an IPV code certificate and a domestic safety management certificate if on a commercial passage]

Over 100t or 15 Persons

  • Garbage Management Plan, Operator

Over 300gt

  • Cargo Safety Radio Cert. Authorised person. ITU
  • Wrecks Convention Insurance Certificate
  • [Future application of polar code expected for pleasure yachts and ships operating in Arctic regions (note 2021)]
  • Third party liability insurance (or P&I club membership)
  • Wreck Removal insurance

Over 400gt

  • IOPP Cert. Classification Society, MARPOL Annex 1
  • IAPP Cert. Classification Society, MARPOL Annex 6 (130kw)
  • Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), for new ships, and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) (Any unit above 130kw, this may be in the SMS)
  • ISPP Cert. Classification Society, MARPOL Annex 4 (or 15 persons)
  • Anti-Fouling system Cert. Classification Society, AFS Convention
  • Garbage Record Book (15 persons)
  • Fuel Oil Changeover Procedure and Logbook (record of fuel changeover is only required if two grades of fuel are carried)

Over 500gt

  • Cargo Safety Construction Cert. Class & MCA
  • Cargo Safety Equipment Cert. MCA
  • Safe Manning Document MCA
  • Safety Management Cert. MCA
  • International Ship Security Cert. MCA
    • Ship Security Assessment
    • Ship Security Plan (Master and MCA eyes only)
  • Maritime Labour Cert. MCA   (Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance)
  • Copy of: Document of Compliance MCA
  • [Polar code applies to commercial vessels operating in the Arctic region
    • Polar Ship Certificate,
    • polar water operation manual
    •training certificate STCW, and
    •voyage planning following the instructions in the Polar Water Operational Manual (PWOM)
    •Update MARPOL docs for polar region MARPOL Chapters I, II, IV and V]

Over 1000gt

  • Bunker Liability Insurance:  International Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims (LLMC Convention) 1976

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