Buoyage System

Buoyage systems follow a clockwise direction around a continent. System A; red cans to port and green cones to starboard. System B; green cans to port and red cones to starboard.
Retro reflective tape is attached to cardinal buoys as seen.
Safe Water Mark Red and White retroreflective strip. Light Isophase, Occulting, Long flash 10s or Morse A.
Isolated danger mark. Blue and Red retroreflective strip. Light group flash (2) white 10s
New wreck marking buoy. Light – Alternating Yellow and Blue (YBu) I second on, ½ second off.
IALA A. Red to port. Red light Andy rhythm except (2+1) Green to starboard. Green light any rhythm except (2+1).
IALA A. Main channel to starboard. Red light (2+1) Main channel to port. Green (2+1)
IALA B. Green to port. Green light Andy rhythm except 2+1 Red to starboard. Red light any rhythm except 2+1.
IALA B. Main channel to starboard. Green light (2+1) Main channel to port. Red light (2+1)