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IMO Convention documents and UK documents can be found in LY3 on page 156. These must be understood and you should be able to explain the survey requirements of each. I have simplified the list here.

MSN1858 Training & Certification Guidance: UK Requirements for Deck Officers on Large Yachts (over 24m) is invaluable for Masters and will be subject of questions at MCA oral exam.

MSN 1868 Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping Convention: UK Requirements for Safe Manning and Watchkeeping. Sets out the certificate requirements for large yachts.

Careful reading of The Masters Guide to the UK Flag 2022 will be an asset at orals. This was intended as a guide for CeC applicants initially but cuts across current legislation.

Your syllabus includes all aspects of the OOW syllabus and is examinable. See Masters syllabus as Annex I (500gt) or Annex D (3000gt).

Command questions will require a thorough knowledge of decision support systems. The masters powers and responsibility are focussed upon. Duty of care is a major consideration, therefore an understanding of the role of MCA acting as HSE inspectors is required.

SOLAS Ch V Reg 31, duty to report should be fully understood.

SOLAS Ch V Reg 19, outlines equipment to be carried on board

Visit MCA website and check latest MGN advice.

Please remember the golden rule…

Regulation 34-1 “Master’s Discretion” of SOLAS Chapter V.

“The owner, the charterer, the company operating the ship as defined in regulation IX/1, or any other person shall not prevent or restrict the master of the ship from taking or executing any decision which, in the master’s professional judgement, is necessary for safety of life at sea and protection of the marine environment.”

Scale of offences for summary offences

1 £200
2 £500
3 £1,000
4 £2,500
5 Before 2015 £5,000, now unlimited in serious cases.