Since 18 January 2017.  Ships that are subject to the MLC will be required to display certificates confirming that insurance or other financial security is in place for liabilities in respect of

  • outstanding wages and repatriation of seafarers together with incidental costs and expenses in accordance with MLC
  • compensation for death or long-term disability

Ships requiring MLC Certificates

Ships will require MLC Certificates if they are

  • registered in a state where MLC is in force; or
  • calling at a port in a jurisdiction where MLC is in force

Details of States which are party to MLC can be found in the MLC Database maintained by the International Labour Organisation.

MLC Certificates are not required by ships registered in States which are not party to MLC and which will not call at States which are party to MLC.

More information  FAQs on MLC.


The Certificates are provided by the P&I Club and there is no need to apply for State issued Certificates. 


Some of the liabilities arising under the Certificates will fall within the scope of standard P&I cover for crew. For example, the UK Club’s Rules will normally cover compensation for death or long term disability. Similarly, repatriation costs and wages following a shipwreck form part of standard cover. However other liabilities fall outside the scope of P&I cover, in particular repatriation costs and wages arising from the abandonment provisions.