Lloyds – DIP Maritime Management & Leadership

Dear Colleague

The Diploma in Maritime Management and Leadership will advance your skills and knowledge and assist in developing the confidence needed to manage in today’s changing maritime environment. It will enhance career prospects and your performance as a manager. Completion of the course demonstrates your professional credibility to employers, clients and peers. The course is suitable for both sea and shore-based staff and can be studied from anywhere in the world.

The Diploma, studied by part-time distance learning, is a dual award offering the prestige of both a Professional Development Diploma in Maritime Management and Leadership from the National Maritime Training Centre at North West Kent College plus a qualification from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The CMI is an accredited professional institution for management, which is based in the UK and is nationally and internationally recognized. The course has also been designed with the UK’s Merchant Navy Training Board’s HELM course in mind, based on the 2010 revisions to STCW.

During the course you will learn about a wide range of management role functions and key issues affecting the manager and leader, including the study of models, theories, techniques and the application of these in practice.

Benefits of undertaking this course include:

Enhancing your understanding of the maritime industry and the practicalities of management and leadership within the sector

Gaining professional recognition for developing knowledge, comprehension and practice of management

Raising confidence, competence and capability in junior managers to meet daily management challenges in a professional, proficient way as well as becoming more effective at managing people and projects

Improving and formalizing management skills for more experienced managers, whilst sharpening professional edge and enhancing their effectiveness

Boosting individual status in a company or organisation

Increasing career earnings. Research shows that individuals with professional qualifications and membership can earn an additional £152,000/€194,000/US$240,000 throughout their career.

Gaining access to the CMI course resources which are packed with books, papers, texts, audio, videos, case studies and much more. You’ll also access tutoring and unrivalled support resources from North West Kent College and Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.

Joining an extensive management community with the CMI, opening doors for career progression

Successfully completing the course means students can continue to gain Associate, Member and Chartered Member status and also display post nominal designatory letters which demonstrates your commitment to professional development and accomplishment as a manager

The course is ideal for both seafaring and shore-based personnel, and the CMI management and leadership qualification is a “qualification of choice” for many in the commercial sector, merchant navy and armed forces. Seafarers and military personnel gain the skills needed to succeed in future shore-based and civilian employment – plus make a valuable immediate input to their current roles.

Show that you have what it takes to become a better manager and enrol now. I look forward to receiving your application to enrol and welcoming you onto the course.

Course learning outcomes:

Demonstrate knowledge of the international shipping industry

Understand the operation and management of a vessel and the care of persons on-board at operational and management levels

Develop personal management and leadership capabilities

Make effective use of information in decision-making and operations

Develop key people management skills.

What did Capt Sylvester say about this course?

‘All in all I was very happy with this course, I really enjoyed it. At times I felt very challenged and I had to think outside the box. I am now fully sold over to distance learning, as I was initially a little skeptical. The sense of relief and pride upon finishing this course is beyond words.’

Writer/Editor – Tony Browne