Enclosed Space Drill

Enclosed space drill is required every 2 months.

Preparation for an emergency
On all SOLAS ships, an emergency drill for rescue from an enclosed space should be carried out every two months. Regular drills are recommended on other ships where the crew may be required to enter an enclosed space. Drills should as a minimum include:

  • checking and use of personal protective equipment required for entry;
  • checking and use of communication equipment and procedures;
  • checking and use of instruments for measuring the atmosphere in enclosed spaces;
  • checking and use of rescue equipment and procedures; and
  • instructions in first-aid and resuscitation techniques.

For every entry to a dangerous space, a rescue plan should be in place. Suitable rescue equipment should be available at the entry to the space, and roles allocated in the event of an emergency arising. Selection of such equipment should take into account the depth and volume of the space, the size of the access way, the potential distance of the casualty from the point of entry and the resources available to assist in the rescue.

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